Download the game and enjoy blocky voxel graphics, competitive gameplay and much more.

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Official trailer


🧱 a world made from dynamic voxels
💣 everything on a level could be destroyed
🎪 3 exciting levels - Hills, City and Swamp
🎮 tough enemies with advanced AI

Realtime physics

🎯 advanced shooting physics, with realistic gravity and forces
🏠 physics simulation to achieve realistic behavior and special effects
💻 3D graphics with ambient lighting
🌊 dynamic water moving from place to place

Optimised for mobiles

📱 At least Android 4.2 is required
🕹 Easy to use controls
🗺 Mini-map


🗺 3 exciting levels
🧭 More to come
🏔 Game progression


🚂 2 tanks are available now
🧭 More to come
🏔 Earn more tanks by completing levels!


The game is actively updated

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